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#WeAreBristol is more than a film. It’s more than a hashtag.

Created by Bristol City Council #WeAreBristol shows our commitment to building a city of hope, where everyone that chooses to live here is treated fairly and has the same life chances. We believe everyone has something to offer, from Bristolians born and bred here to those who have migrated from other places.

#WeAreBristol started with the creation of the film but is opening doors for us all to come together, online and in our city streets.

Why? Because it’s easy to say our country is divided. But in Bristol we can be different. We can challenge divisions. We can stand alongside our neighbours even if we don’t know them or look like them or sound like them. We can say we are different. But we are the same.

Be part of this. Join us. Support us. Watch, share, and sign up to the We Are Bristol newsletter.


#WeAreBristol started with a film and over the year will continue to bring people together online and on our city streets. We want everyone to feel included in our city and encourage everyone to get involved and help make our communities stronger.

Join Bristol’s volunteer response to coronavirus

Sign up to support volunteer efforts in the city.

If you can help us find 450 spaces for those who are homeless or rough sleeping please email covid19.accomodation@bristol.gov.uk

Get involved in the Year of Can Do 2020!

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The Year of Can Do is all about inspiring and celebrating community action, volunteering and kindness in the city. The year will consist of an array of physical and online activities to create a buzz around doing good! Find out more at Can-Do Bristol

Do you know someone from a non-UK EU country?

Bristol has 21,000 non-UK EU citizens living, working and studying in the city. The Government has advised that all non-UK EU citizens must apply for the EU Settlement Scheme to ensure their rights are protected post-Brexit.

We want everyone that live here to have their rights protected, and are offering help with applications. If you have friends, family or neighbours from the EU, please make sure they find out more here.

Get involved

If you loved the #WeAreBristol film and are inspired to work with others, here’s a few ideas about how you can get involved in making our communities even stronger.

  1. SIGN UP Stay informed of what’s happening by signing up to the #WeAreBristol newsletter
  2. MEET UP Meet your neighbours, join a local community group, or look into volunteering at Can-Do Bristol
  3. PICK UP Join a litter pick, or why not organise your own? Apply for a community litter pick pack from Bristol Waste
  4. BUILD UP Could you make a difference to the lives of children in Bristol? We have several refugee children and young people needing foster homes in our city. Visit our fostering website to find out more.
  5. STAND UP We can challenge divisions in Bristol, whether that is online or in our streets. We can report crimes carried out against someone because of their race, religion, sexuality, disability or gender. Find out what to do about hate crime.


#WeAreBristol has been created by Bristol City Council.

With thanks to:
Bristol Airport
University of Bristol
University of West of England
Bristol Waste
Bristol Robotics Laboratory
Bristol City FC
Bristol Rovers FC
St Joseph’s Primary School Fishponds
BCC LGBT+ staff led group
Bristol Faith Communities
Age UK Bristol and Celebrating Age Festival
PCT Bristol
and the people of Bristol

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