Help and support with the cost of living

The price of energy, food and bills are all rising and many of us are feeling worried about our finances. You might even find yourself in a position you have never experienced before. There are services and advice that can help, and you too could provide help and support by volunteering.

Let’s be Bristol at our best. Kind, understanding and going the extra mile for one another; not because we have to, but because we care.

Photo of two Covid Marshalls walking through a park

Get help

On the Bristol City Council webpage you can find useful websites, community organisations, advice and guidance to help you through the rising cost of living. If you need help, contact Bristol City Council or one of the organisations in this guide. There’s advice, support and information available across Bristol.

We are looking for volunteers to help with Bristol’s community-led response. We are encouraging residents and community organisations to take action in their own neighbourhoods so you could help make a difference where it matters most. If you can help with the Community Response and support those affected by the increase in the cost of living, apply for volunteering opportunities with Can Do Bristol. Cost of Living : Community Response – Can Do Bristol

If you are an organisation that is looking for volunteers, you can list these opportunities on the Can Do website.