Get Involved

We want everyone to feel included in our city and encourage Bristol residents to get involved and help make our communities stronger. There are many different ways you can get involved and make a real difference.

Here’s some ideas about how you can get involved in making our communities even stronger.

  1. #WeAreInformed Stay informed of what’s happening in our city by signing up to the We Are Bristol newsletter
  2. #WeAreCaring Meet your neighbours, check in on more isolated or vulnerable people in your area, join a local community group,  find out how to help a child or adult you may be concerned about on our Keeping Bristol Safe website or look into volunteering at Can Do Bristol 
  3. #WeAreFosterCarers Could you make a difference to the lives of children in Bristol? We are in need of people to become foster carers, and short break carers for disabled children. Visit our fostering website to find out more.
  4. #WeAreUnited We can challenge divisions in Bristol, whether online or in our streets. We can report crimes carried out against someone because of their race, religion, sexuality, disability or gender. Find out what to do about hate crime.
  5. #WeAreWelcoming Bristol is proud to be a city of sanctuary. Could you welcome a refugee into your home or do want to know how else you can offer help to those seeking sanctuary? Support the resettlement of vulnerable refugees.