We Are Still Bristol

We Are Still Bristol

[Title screen] Clapper board

[Director of We Are Bristol]  Action- take four

[Narrator] We made a film

To bring people in our city together

And the ‘We Are Bristol’ movement began

[Professor Bruce Hood, University of Bristol]  Who loves Bristol?

[Crowd cheers and waves enthusiastically] [Narrator]  Since then, the world has turned upside down

And it helped us see what ‘We Are Bristol’ really meant

[Bristol residents outside their houses clapping for the NHS]

Not just a few, but thousands of people answered the call to volunteer

So that even in our darkest hours, people came together to help each other

Communities rallied, and food banks worked round the clock to make sure no one went hungry

Our key workers made huge personal sacrifices to keep the city safe

They didn’t stop; people were cared for, essential shops were open, transport kept running and bins were collected

The ‘We Are Bristol’ helpline answered the calls of hundreds of people who needed help

Hotels opened their doors so rough sleepers could have the same protection as everyone else

Even, when issues divided opinion, we promised to listen and find a way forward together

[statue of Edward Colston being lifted from the Bristol Harbour]

And we called on the government to feed our children in the holidays, give our businesses the support they needed, and not forget the people who were falling through the gaps

2020 pushed us all to our limits

But we are still going

We’re still strong

We’re still together

We’re still Bristol

And we are hopeful that 2021 is better for everyone

[End screen] Thank you to everyone who contributed to this film

[Credits] Special thanks to Owain Astles, caring in Bristol and Fable Studios

[Bristol City Council Logo]

Thank you and Stay safe

To watch all the We Are Bristol films visit www.wearebristol.co.uk

Produced by JonesMillbank


This #WeAreBristol film reflects on how Bristolians have looked out for, helped and supported one another during an unprecedented time that none of us saw coming.

Two years in which the world was turned upside down and so many lives have been changed. But we remain strong. We are still together. We are still Bristol.

Watch and share the film, stay safe and be kind to one another.

We hope 2022 is better for everyone.

Find out more about the guidance for Bristol on our council website.