How to draw the Bear from ‘the Cave’

Intro: How to draw the Bear from ‘the Cave’ [Spinning music plays in background. Worm spins]


My name is Rob [shows photograph] and that’s what I look like, that’s the only photograph I could find with my face in it, that was any good.

Apart from this one [shows photograph] which, this is when I was a little bit younger so that’s what I look like and I am an illustrator and I write books.

And these are some of my books [shows book] this is a new one called ‘My Best Friend’

And this is ‘the Woods’ which came out last year

Then this one [shows book] The Cave came out a couple of years ago – and we are actually gonna do some drawing of one of the characters in The Cave.

But, don’t worry it’s gonna be super easy, cuz I’m gonna break it down into different bits and I’m gonna go slow and it will be fun.

So, ok, first of all who are we gonna be drawing? Not this guy?

We are going to be drawing the bear from my book The Cave.

So this is the bear – this is just when the bear has.. jumped out of the cave and spooked the wolf.

This is another picture of the bear

So, as you can tell…looks like a big hairy bear

So we are gonna need a few different things.

Hopefully, this is this is kinda simple stuff that you have lying around so we have a pencil

A pen

And then just some different kind of brown, coloured things.

So I just have lying around some crayons like wax crayons, and pencil crayons.

Doesn’t really matter like it doesn’t have to be super fancy stuff.

Just whatever you, you have. This, this is all I have four colours.

But, first of all we need the pencil and we need these pieces of paper.

So, were gonna start with the outline of the bear which as you can see the kind of like, like a pear shaped, kinda thing.

So, we’re gonna start, I would start with the big big body down here.

And one thing I would say is, when I draw I tend to go a little bit like sketchy like don’t try, don’t try and draw the shape, because whenever I try and do that it just ends up completely wrong and the wrong shape and just wibbly and weird and I don’t know I find it way easier if you just, if you just go a bit sketchy and try and [um] work out the shape that way.

Because we’re gonna use our crayons later anyway to kind of neaten everything up and you’re not  gonna see these lines

So first of all that’s what you wanna do, you wanna just, just get the right shape

So then we got our body and we’re gonna wanna do big arms

So there’s one arm that looks like that and the other arm on the other side like that

And then see the bear has like kind of stubby legs

So just some little legs and some big old feet

Now with the feet I drew the bear with three toes

I obviously didn’t do enough research for this book because I don’t think bears have three toes but that is what we’re going with.

Feel free to give your bears the correct number of toes

I’m sure you know better than I do, how many toes a bear has

So there we have the body, the arms, the little feet and….let’s see…let’s do the claws

Bear is looking pretty scary with his claws out

So for those you just want some little triangle shapes

You want some on the end of his paws and then the end of his toes

Very ferocious

And then, now that we got like our outline of the whole body what we’re gonna wanna do is put the face in.

So let’s go for the little mouth kind off snout bit as you can tell I’m not an expert on the names of these things.

So that’s just a here

And then a little nose little round nose

And the mouth

You got that? So it’s just, just a circle, a big circle and then a little circle and then for the mouth I’ve done them as a kind of smiley bear, so that’s just like a semi, semi-circle, little line there and then above the nose you’re gonna want to give him big eyes.

So again like go super sketchy because we’re gonna draw over this in a minute

Because otherwise like if I try and do a circle it’s like [laughs] it’s so ‘wibbly’

So yeah, give him his other eye and then some eye balls, eye balls? The black bits inside the white bits

And then two little ears which just go on top of the head like that

And then we kind of have our bear character

So what we’re gonna do next is colour this guy in

And so like I say I just have a bunch of different brown colours here

And what you are gonna do is you’re gonna wanna pick the lightest colour

So this is kinda like an orangey, orangey kinda colour

if you look at the, the bear here [points to bear] you can see mostly kind of like dark brown but then you can see underneath he’s kinda  got some like, light brown orangey fur going on

So that’s are gonna wanna do first you’re gonna wanna draw super light colours first and then were gonna go darker colours and hopefully its gonna look a bit like that [laughs and points to bear]

So first of all with the light colour and you’re gonna just do some really good scribbling here

This is professional scribbling; I went to university for three years to learn how to scribble like this [grasshopper background noise]

So all over the body, this is gonna make the fur

Top of the head as well

And the arms , you wanna do the arms

Try and stay kind of within the lines but also if it goes out of the lines that doesn’t matter too much because hopefully when we go on to those darker colours we can go a bit neater with those

So what else do I have? I have another kind of like orangey colour

which is this is a pencil crayon I think I’m gonna do the feet with this so I’m just gonna kind of a bit neater, colour this one in so it’s actually exactly the same colour but that doesn’t matter it’s ok

So I’m just doing my very neatest colouring in

And also you’ll see this kinda mouth..snout..nose bit is also that same kinda like light brown orangey colour

So were gonna colour that bit too and again like if you can see those lines coming through from the pencil that doesn’t matter too much

Do not worry cuz I think in the end it’s gonna look pretty good

Ok so then we go bit darker this is kinda a darker brown and we’re gonna do the fur on the top of this kind of light brown orange

So again best scribbling..and you see it kind of where we did the lighter orange  kinda colour, like it didn’t, it’s not colouring in over the top of that which looks kinda cool

You’re gonna want to be careful not to go over the mouth bit here

Around the head

And do the arms

And… the legs

A bit more of the arm

Looking good

All right and then this is my last colour, this is just darkest brown colour I could finddoesn’t have to be a wax crayon it could be a pencil crayon or it could be felt tip pen or could even do it in paint, I guess

But this is what I had lying around, so this is what I’m using and then we’re gonna do the dark brown over the top  and this is where it’s gonna start really looking like a bear

So you can kind of see now how the lighter colours underneath like you can still kind of seen them but we’ve built up the colours so that it looks like fur, I think

So yeah – be careful around the face but, don’t worry about being too careful because if you look at a real bears fur it’s all sorts of different colours

Right, there’s the arm

The other arm

The legs

Ok I’m gonna do just the little furry ears, as well with this dark brown colour

And then you know what? I’m gonna use the pencil I was using just to do…

No actually, you know what – I’m not – I’m gonna use the pen for these details

Because the pen will draw on top of all of this stuff

And it gives you a really nice, kind of clean looking shapes and lines

So this is just a felt tip pen, this looks fancy but, you could use a felt tip pen or a biro? Or a just a really dark crayon just anything that makes like a dark line.

So we’re gonna do the nose, which is just a circle

And you can really see how those lines that we did earlier when you draw over the top they just disappear

But it’s cool because it gives you something to draw around

So there’s the nose and the mouth and then you wanna do the eye balls

Very cool

And then the last thing you wanna do is just the claws

So those triangle shapes we did earlier

So you just wanna fill them in

There’s one


And then the same on this side

And then – just the feet

One claw, two claw, three claws

And then on the left foot

There we go

[Stops colouring, pen down]

So that’s looking pretty good I think

Might want to just, brush off some of those crayon bits

But yeah – that’s how you draw the bear from The Cave

Have a go and, if you do you should send your pictures to the We Are Bristol email and they are gonna pick out some of the best ones

To win a prize of this book [shows cover of book] ‘the Cave’  and a bunch of other cool stuff

So yeah…give it go and can’t wait to see what you come up with!



How to draw the Bear from the Cave

Draw-a-long with Rob and you will have your very own Bear.